18 March 2018

06:00 am

Distance 30 km.

Start at at Border Patrol Police Squad 346 – I-Din Market – Mae Ku School – Maneetip Ranch – Village Roundabout – Retracing the same route back to the “Start” point. See the Local Community Life-style along the Thailand-Myanmar Border; taste fresh coffee at Maneetip Ranch; enjoy Student Performances

See The Route

Super Hero Set

Get a cyclist T-shirt, Medal, Bib, Join Khantok Dinner as VIP Application fee 1,000 Baht


Hero Set

Get a cyclist T-shirt, Medal, Bib, Join Khantok Dinner Application fee 500 Baht



Morning : Cycling for Charity; Start at 6:00 hrs Evening : Khantok Dinner; Start at 16:30 hrs


Feeling secure all along the route

Ready energy supply…

Pure drinking water, energy drink, snack, fruits along the route.


Group insurance covering accidents for everyone joining the event.

Service Unit

Ensure safety and security all along the route by police, emergency team marshall (bicycle buddy) and, at least, 3 ambulances.

for tourist

Room for Rent

There are rooms and bikes for rent.
Please contact our staff for more details.

no BIKE, hard to move yours, no problem

Bike for rent

Bring your bike by bus is a hard trouble.
This event is no a problem.
Because maesot has a whole sale shop and rental service, contact us.

The event hosted by

World Light Foundation

The World Light Foundation (WLF) is a registered charity, established legally, aiming to support growth of valuable personnels for the society and nation, as well as propagating moral principles across internationally across the globe. WLF works jointly with existing organizations and charities in each country, in order to help creating a harmonious world of peace. WLF runs activities on promoting physical exercises and healthy food, by hosting volunteering events in any organizations, taking care all ages, starting from baby, youth and adolescence, as well as elderly people. We emphasize on activities that benefit public personnel and environmental conservation. At the moment, WLF is building a public building in Mae Sot District, that will be the venue for community activities, particularly those that revive the good spirits of the community, and enhance the moral education by studying the Dharma, Sutra and religious texts, as well as complying the the great determination of the Late King Rama IX in application along with the Principles of the 5 main religions.Here is the background of this event “Cycling for Charity; for Dad” at Mae Sot.


1.  All net proceeds will contribute to the construction of the general-purpose building called Tian En temple. 2. To raise awareness of people, particularly youth, on the significance of exercise, focusing on environmental preservation via bicycling. 3. To increase harmony & unity within organizations, clubs or communities. 4. To promote tourism in Maesot District, particularly in ASEAN.


What the sponsoring organization will get.

Display of the Trademark of the sponsoring company on the media, i.e. all sizes of the Vinyl poster during the cycling event, as well as the Event T-shirt. Promoting on radio and printed media.

Gold Sponsor
Sponsoring amount 150,000 – 200,000 Baht

Display of Trademark Logo on all printed media, such as T-shirt, Vinyl posters and brosures

Silver Sponsor
Sponsoring amount 100,000-149,999 Baht

Display of Trademark Logo on media, such as medium sizes of Vinyl posters and brosures

Bronze Sponsor
Sponsoring amount 50,000-99,999 Baht

Display of the Trademark Logo on Vinyl posters and brosures

Sponsorship on drinking water and other food supply


President of Project Maj.Gen. Siroj Klawthanong President of World Light Foundation.

1. Miss Waew Wonghan

09 4067 0074

2. Mr. Padinya Khattoon

 08 1144 4438

3. Mr. Adonsak Promsaan


4. Miss Banthida Jessie


Contact us

If you have any question or sugguestion. Please feel free contact us directly by Line application or phone to staff by listed phone number.

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